Client Representatives

Designated Employee Representative: Drug Test Data ManagementThere is essentially no limit to the number of company representatives you can maintain [Designated Employee Representative] for each  client in the system.  Client representatives with the status of “DER” can see account information (drug test results, personnel, random selection results, etc.) for the accounts to which they are assigned.  Client reps with the status of “Admin” can see information across all sub-accounts for that Client.  You can even have a contact with privileges that extend across clients if required.

Every client added to the system has, by default, a single sub-account.  You can create as many sub-accounts for the client as needed.  Many clients will naturally have a DOT and a Non-DOT account.  Some clients with locations across the state or across the country could have sub-accounts for each location.

When client representatives login to the system, the webpages are branded to your business.

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