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DrugTestNetwork’s Data Management Software provides resources to generate random selections for drug and alcohol testing from individual client “pools” or across multiple personnel rosters from any number of separate client accounts managed as a “consortium.”When you generate a random selection the program automatically creates a drug and alcohol test result record for each person selected with the status of “Not-Collected.”  These “uncollected” tests are used to determine if a company is in compliance with their drug free workplace policy or their federally mandated requirements.If you are manually resolving test result records, you’ll find a “Quick Result” option that let’s you automatically set test results for the block of data generated as a result of the random selection.
List Random Selections
Click the icon to access the “Quick Results” manager.

DrugTestNetwork.com is an Internet based (SaaS: Sofware as a Service) software application for drug and alcohol testing; resources for TPAs, MROs, Labs, Employers or School Administrators to manage drug testing data for their drug free workplace, DOT compliance or drug free schools.