Random Selection Statistics Report

Many Random selection programs for drug and alcohol testing aim to annually test a percentage of their eligible employees. The U.S. Deportment of Transportation (DOT) specifies an annual target for each transportation mode: FMCSA, FAA, FRA, etc.

In DrugTestNetwork, the consortium profile and accounts that are their own pool, each specify annual targets, separately for drug and alcohol tests.

When a test is completed, and a collection date is entered, the test counts toward the annual targets.

When a random selection is generated, an empty drug/alcohol record is created for each person selected. The empty record is used to help notify employers when a test remains incomplete. If a collection date has not been entered or a result recorded, the test is considered incomplete. Some users find it helpful to set the overall qualitative result (OQR) as “Not-Tested” to indicate a test was not conducted. The drug and breath alcohol test are recorded in a single database record and the collection date is assumed to be for both the drug test and the alcohol test since both are usually conducted together.

Every OQR result code has an attribute in the OQR Table: DO NOT Contribute to Statistics. Setting this OQR attribute to Yes prevents the Random Selection tests from getting counted toward the annual targets when the test’s result code is set to an OQR with the attribute turned on.

After a collection date is entered, but only one of the tests was completed (drug or alcohol) the incomplete test should not be counted toward the annual target. Using the OQR Not-Tested, with the attribute turned ON, will prevent the test from counting toward the annual target.

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